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Product Catalog | Hoses
Image Mfr Description Price Order
Goodyear532327-0010 Goodyear 3/4'' x 1'-0'' Conventional Whip Hose$27.60
Goodyear532327-0050 Goodyear 3/4'' x 5'-0'' Conventional Fuel Hose$49.20
Goodyear532327-0080 Goodyear 3/4'' x 8'-0'' Conventional Fuel Hose$59.20
Goodyear532327-0100 Goodyear 3/4'' x 10'-0'' Conventional Fuel Hose$60.50
Goodyear532327-0120 Goodyear 3/4'' x 12'-0'' Conventional Fuel Hose$69.40
Goodyear532362-424-00100 Goodyear 1'-0'' Vac Assist$98.70
Goodyear532362-424-00400 Goodyear 4'-0'' Vac Assist$176.80
Goodyear532362-424-00800 Goodyear 8'-0'' Vac Assist$194.60
Goodyear532362-424-00850 Goodyear 8'-6'' Vac Assist$177.50
Goodyear532365-440-00100 Goodyear 1'-0'' Coaxial$102.70
Goodyear532365-440-00400 Goodyear 4'-0'' Coaxial$118.40
Goodyear532365-440-01200 Goodyear 12'-0'' Coaxial$225.40
Goodyear532365-440-01250 Goodyear 12'-6'' Coaxial$239.40
Goodyear532365-441-00750 Goodyear 7'-6'' Coaxial with Venturi$204.70
Goodyear532365-441-08031 Goodyear 8'-0'' Coaxial with Venturi$228.20
Healy75-140-S2S2 Healy 14' Standard Coaxial Hose$185.75
Healy75B-008-F2F2 Healy Whip Hose, Fixed Ends on Breakaway and Dispenser Ends$84.70
Healy75B-008-S2S2 Healy Whip Hose, Fixed End on Breakaway End. Swivel End on Dispenser End$85.00
Healy75B-010-S4F2 Healy Whip Hose, Fixed End on Breakaway End, Balance Swivel on Dispenser End$95.00
Healy75B-030-S2S2 Healy 3' Standard Coaxial Hose$107.35
Healy75B-035-S2S2 Healy 3.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$110.90
Healy75B-040-S2S2 Healy 4' Standard Coaxial Hose$114.50
Healy75B-045-S2S2 Healy 4.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$118.10
Healy75B-050-S2S2 Healy 5' Standard Coaxial Hose $121.60
Healy75B-055-S2S2 Healy 5.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$125.20
Healy75B-060-S2S2 Healy 6' Standard Coaxial Hose$128.75
Healy75B-065-S2S2 Healy 6.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$132.30
Healy75B-070-S2S2 Healy 7' Standard Coaxial Hose$135.95
Healy75B-075-S2S2 Healy 7.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$139.40
Healy75B-080-S2S2 Healy 8' Standard Coaxial Hose$142.90
Healy75B-080-S4F2 Healy 8' Balance-Ready Dispenser Coaxial Hose$160.10
Healy75B-085-S2S2 Healy 8.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$146.85
Healy75B-090-S2S2 Healy 9' Standard Coaxial Hose$150.10
Healy75B-090-S4F2 Healy 9' Balance-Ready Dispenser Coaxial Hose$167.20
Healy75B-095-S2S2 Healy 9.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$153.70
Healy75B-100-S2S2 Healy 10' Standard Coaxial Hose$157.25
Healy75B-100-S4F2 Healy 10' Balance-Ready Dispenser Coaxial Hose$174.30
Healy75B-105-S2S2 Healy 10.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$160.80
Healy75B-110-S2S2 Healy 11' Standard Coaxial Hose$164.35
Healy75B-110-S4F2 Healy's 11' Balance-Ready Dispenser Coaxial Hose$181.45
Healy75B-115-S2S2 Healy 11.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$168.90
Healy75B-120-S2S2 Healy 12' Standard Coaxial Hose$171.50
Healy75B-120-S4F2 Healy 12' Balance-Ready Dispenser Coaxial Hose$192.20
Healy75B-125-S2S2 Healy 12.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$175.10
Healy75B-130-S2S2 Healy 13' Standard Coaxial Hose$178.60
Healy75B-135-S2S2 Healy 13.5' Standard Coaxial Hose$182.20

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