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Product Catalog | Dispenser Containment
Image Mfr Description Price Order
EBW498-301-01 498 Manual Leaded Nozzle 3/4'' Inlet$95.20
EBW498-301-06 498 Manual Leaded Nozzle 1'' Inlet$98.50
Fill-RiteN100UMN11 Manual Nozzle with Diesel Spout and 1'' Hose Inlet$24.77
National Spencer1537 Utility Nozzle 1'' NPT$32.40
National Spencer1537C Utility Nozzle 1'' NPT / Curved$32.80
National Spencer1538 Utility Nozzle 3/4''$32.40
National Spencer1538C Utility Nozzle 3/4'' / Curved$32.80
OPW11AF-300F Low-Flow Farm Nozzle for Leaded/Diesel$58.44
OPW11AF-30FS Low-Flow Farm Nozzles for Leaded/Diesel w/ Farm Hook$55.38
OPW11APF-300F Low-Flow Farm Nozzle for Unleaded$58.44
OPW11APF-30FS Low-Flow Farm Nozzles for Unleaded w/ Farm Hook$55.38

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