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Product Catalog | EBW
Image Mfr Description Price Order
EBW100-105-01 Foot Valve$64.00
EBW101-100-01 1'' Double-Poppet Foot Valve$178.00
EBW150-202-01 Foot Valve$101.25
EBW151-200-01 Foot Valve$188.63
EBW200-200-01 Foot Valve$146.20
EBW201-200-01 Foot Valve$201.15
EBW275-400-05 Flexible Entry Boot$35.00
EBW275-400-07 Flexible Entry Boot$35.00
EBW275-400-20 Flexible Entry Boot$38.00
EBW308-205-01 Float Vent Valve$55.41
EBW308-207-01 Float Vent Valve$59.75
EBW308-209-01 Float Vent Valve$69.20
EBW308-211-01 Float Vent Valve$68.00
EBW310-300-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 2'' Tee$169.00
EBW310-400-11 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 2'' Tee$109.50
EBW311-300-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 3'' Tee$139.00
EBW311-400-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 3'' Tee$95.00
EBW320-302-01 Extractor Tee 1.5'' x 1.5'' Foot Valve Application$335.90
EBW320-302-02 Extractor Tee 1.5'' x 2'' Foot Valve Application$356.40
EBW321-100-01 Extractor Wrench$218.00
EBW330-300-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 3'' x 2'' Cross$158.40
EBW330-400-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 3'' x 2'' Cross$109.00
EBW331-300-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 3'' x 3'' Cross$173.00
EBW340-300-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 2'' x 2'' Cross$158.00
EBW340-400-01 Extractor 4'' x 4'' x 2'' x 2'' Cross$111.00
EBW362-204-01 Vapor Shear Valve$114.70
EBW362-204-02 Vapor Shear Valve$114.70
EBW465-101-01 1 1/4'' M x 1 1/4'' F Hose Swivel$84.30
EBW465-101-02 1 1/4'' M x 1 1/4'' F Hose Swivel with Check Valve$93.60
EBW465-102-01 1 1/2'' M x 1 1/2'' F Hose Swivel$107.40
EBW465-102-02 1 1/2'' M x 1 1/2'' F Hose Swivel with Check Valve$121.50
EBW490-301-05 490 Dual Poppet Nozzle 1'' Inlet 1 1/4''Outlet no spout$121.50
EBW490-301-06 490 Dual Poppet Nozzle 1 1/4'' Inlet 1 1/4'' Outlet$125.32
EBW490-302-01 490 Dual Poppet Nozzle 1 1/2'' Inlet 1 1/2'' Outlet$125.32
EBW498-301-01 498 Manual Leaded Nozzle 3/4'' Inlet$95.20
EBW498-301-06 498 Manual Leaded Nozzle 1'' Inlet$98.50
EBW50-105-01 Foot Valve$58.50
EBW51-100-01 Foot Valve$105.75
EBW662-118-02 Single Poppet Adaptor Kit$58.70
EBW662-118-03 Single Poppet Adaptor Kit$58.70
EBW662-240-01 Double Poppet Adaptor Kit$82.30
EBW662-242-01 Double Poppet Adaptor Kit$85.40
EBW662-410-02 Single Poppet Shut-off Valve$107.40
EBW662-410-03 Single Poppet Shut-off Valve$107.40
EBW662-440-02 Double Poppet Shut-off Valve$128.40
EBW662-440-03 Double Poppet Shut-off Valve$132.20
EBW705-445-01 Below Grade Spill container$704.72
EBW705-455-01 Below Grade Spill container$665.00
EBW705-457-01 Below Grade Spill container$670.00
EBW705-474-01 Below Grade Spill container$786.67
EBW705-474-65 Below Grade Spill container$605.00
EBW705-474-66 Below Grade Spill container$550.00
EBW705-475-01 Below Grade Spill container$729.31
EBW705-477-65 Below Grade Spill container$786.67
EBW705-477-66 Below Grade Spill container$595.00
EBW705-495-N Below Grade Spill container$570.00
EBW75-105-01 Foot Valve$60.30
EBW76-100-01 Foot Valve$155.70
EBW770-101-02 Locking Fill Cap$68.00
EBW770-202-01 Locking Fill Cap$68.00
EBW770-301-01 Locking Fill Cap$68.00
EBW772-102-01 4'' Well Cap Plug$26.90
EBW772-106-01 2'' Well Cap Plug$20.20
EBW772-109-01 6'' Well Cap Plug$46.35
EBW776-300-01 Side Seal Adaptor$65.05
EBW778-301-01 Top Seal Adaptor$74.25
EBW789-200-01 Extractor Wrench$99.00
EBW800-203-01 3'' Tank Vent$38.50
EBW800-207-02 2'' Tank Vent$24.50
EBW802-308-01 Pressure Vacuum Vent$97.40
EBW802-308-02 Pressure Vacuum Vent$97.40
EBW803-200-01 4'' 8oz Emeregncy Vent - Female NPT$116.50
EBW803-205-01 4'' 8oz Emergency Vent - Female NPT$180.00
EBW901-101-01 Chain Wrench$197.40

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