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We've tried our hardest to make the interface to this site as easy as possible. However, to help you get orientated with our site, just follow these simple steps.


1. You may begin to shop without filling anything out. That step comes later if you decide to purchase and proceed with an order. You don't have to stop shopping and go back to the beginning to fill out customer information if you want to buy something.

2. To begin-example: Click on "CATALOG" tab to find a product.

3. To the left of every page on the CATALOG page is a column of PRODUCTS relevant to that particular area including links to other areas. Choose a PRODUCT – let's choose NOZZLES to begin our search.

4. A new screen appears. Next, choose from the gray drop down menus areas below the word NOZZLES in the center of your page. Choose any criteria about NOZZLES you would like to search. Search by Model #, Manufacturer or Nozzle type, or just click the advanced search button without selecting anything to see all our products.

5. Click "Advanced Search" after you have selected the criteria.

6. A screen with the products you chose will appear with empty boxes under the Quantity header where you will type in the amount you wish to purchase of that product(s). Then click the green "ADD TO ARROW" button at the bottom.

7. The next screen shows the products you've already chosen with the quantity area filled in. If you would like to add more products, simply click on the list to your left and repeat the steps 3-5 or the "BACK TO CATALOG" blue button on the bottom of the screen.

8. At this point you may wish to simply save your order for future use. If so, click on the "SAVE ORDER" blue button and fill out the next screen. If you are ready to order now, continue to "HOW TO ORDER" in the next section.


1. After finishing your selections, simply click on the green "PROCEED" button.

To go back and change a quantity, click the blue "RECALCULATE" button near the bottom of the page. If you click 'BACK TO CATALOG" it will take you back to your first product search (in this case NOZZLES) and allow you to add more to the quantity if you like and will add it to the first amount you entered. Now next to quanity colum will be the amount already entered. If you put in, for example, 21 NOZZLES, clicked back to catalog and added 1 more, it would give you an order of 22 NOZZLES after you re-click the "ADD TO ORDER" button.

2. Fill out the next screen "CUSTOMER PROFILE". Complete entire form - your profile, billing, shipping and payment information. Your ordering information is saved, which means you don't have to enter your name, address, etc. each time you place an order.

NOTE: Visa, and MasterCard payments are available to all customers. Once you have submitted your order, and your items have been shipped, you will receive a confirmation email, and your credit card will be charged the total amount of the order.

Corporate Accounts are available upon application approval. For more information, please contact or by calling (888) 248-9000. Please keep in mind that the corporate accounts are being offered to select corporate entities and is offered in specific geographical areas.

3. New screen appears "CUSTOMER VERIFICATION" where you may edit any of the entered information. Click "PROCEED".

4. Another screen appears with "SUBMIT ORDER" at the top. Please check all information to be certain it is correct as well as any "SPECIAL ORDER INSTRUCTIONS" you wish to include. You may still continue to shop if you wish by clicking on the blue "BACK TO CATALOG" button. Push the green "PLACE ORDER NOW" button to complete the order. A thank you confirmation screen comes up confirming your order.

That's it! Any questions, concerns or problems? Please call us at our toll free number 1-888-248-9000 and a friendly PetroDirect representative will assist you.


1. Begin the shopping process as described above in our "HOW TO SHOP" section.

2. Select the blue circle with a little white letter "I" in the middle.

3. Another smaller window will pop-up with a photo of the product and all product information.


1. Go to

2. Enter your User Name and Password in the box on the home page on the right side of the screen.

3. Begin shopping.


1. Click on the Order Management menu at the top.

2. Select a name for your order.

3. Select a keyword in which to search for the order later.

4. Click blue "SAVE ORDER" button on bottom of screen.


1. Enter your User Name and Password in the box on the home page on the right side of the screen.


3. Click on blue "SAVED ORDERS" button.

4. To Edit, Delete or Submit for fulfillment an existing saved order, search for that order by name or date.

5. Your order will appear below in green text with an underline which links to your order. Click that link.

6. Your may then select or edit the order. Proceed with the order as usual.


1. Email our

2. Call us at (888) 248-9000.

3. Click the "CONTACT US" tab on the top menu.

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